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5 ways to flavour your coffee without adding sugar or milk

Do you love a cup of coffee but don’t want the sugar or dairy?
Some of us use coffee as a powerful pre workout, some of us use it as a pick me up on the way to work, some of us use it to get switched on mentally and some of us just love it!
I could write about the pros and cons of coffee spanning a few articles but this is simply for those that fancy a cup without the added sugar or milk and are looking for a way to spice up the flavour.
Coffee with cinnamon
Simply stirring in half … Read more

Creatine explained. What is it? why take it?

Creatine in my opinion is one of the most important and useful supplements to take if trying to gain muscle size. It is one of the mostly heavily researched supplements available and the one thing that scientists all agree on is that Creatine works!
What does it do?
If you want to understand Creatine’s roll in your training and physique you need to understand the Adenosine triphosphate – phosphocreatine system. Bear with me it’s not as complicated as it sounds…
The most immediate and simplest fuel source for muscle contraction is adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is an adenosine molecule with 3 phosphate molecules … Read more

Which protein powder should I use to get the best results?

Whey protein is the most popular & most expensive health and fitness supplement on the market and probably will continue to be for the foreseeable future, but with so many brands, types and additional ingredients it’s hard to know which product to choose.
For those of you who were using whey in the ’90s when it first hit the market you’ll remember how cheap it was! Since then the price has sky rocketed. New technology has brought new production and filtration methods and the quality of whey being offered today by many companies has improved and the quantity of products has … Read more

VIDEO: The BEST time to take a protein shake

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Build muscle with these top 5 supplements

Before I get into what supplements I think (and research tells us) are the most beneficial to naturally enhance gains in muscle growth. It should be said that supplements should be ‘supplemental’ and that good quality food will be by far the main source of any gains you get in and out of the gym. It has often been said that ‘you can’t out train a bad diet,’ it’s also true that supplements won’t make up for a lax attitude to your eating. With that said here are my top 5 supplements I use and prescribe to clients to assist in getting some fantastic gains in muscular hypertrophy. Read more

The Perfect Pre Workout For Weights

In this article we explore the top three foods that are the best pre workout for weights. Read more