Client of the month

Sue Wheeler


    • Lose body fat & increase muscle tone
    • Build confidence & mental resilience
    • Be a strong role model to her children
    • Transform her physique & still run a business & be a mum

Some people are busy!!

Some people are busy. Not just every day busy, REALLY BUSY. Sue is one of these people and when she came to me wanting to transform her physique she was holding down a job plus running her own business all whilst being a mum to two young children.

She was fully motivated but wanted something specific and focused so she would know exactly what to do without wasting time going round in circles and eventually reverting back to old ways like she had with previous trainers.

We put a plan in place to fit in around her incredibly busy schedule, coached her on mindset, stress management and gave her a calorie and macro split which is manageable around her busy life style.

If you’re super busy the last thing you want when super busy is to be overwhelmed or feel restricted by a rigid diet plan or training regime.

3 Stone lighter

After dropping over 3 stone of body fat we’re now in a place to pivot our training to focus more on shape & building muscle and head towards a photoshoot.

Working with me as your coach:

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