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Finding a personal trainer in Bromley is easy as there are so many but not all trainers are created equal.

If you live in Bromley near Petts Wood and you’re looking for a ‘personal trainer near me’ look
no further. Just a short journey from Bromley I operate as the ‘go to guy’ for fat loss and muscle gain so come and see what I can do for you….personal trainer bromley, personal trainer near me, bromley, beckenham, fat loss, weight loss

Personal Trainer Bromley? You’ve found one that guarantees results

I’ve been personal training for well over a decade. Unlike a lot of personal trainers who are inexperienced or newly qualified I focus everything I do on fat loss or muscle gain and getting you those results depending on your goals. Results are what I specialise in, see what I can do for you with these transformations.

Best personal trainer in Kent?

  • Constantly upgrading my skills and knowledge
  • Giving you bespoke training programmes and diet plans
  • Treating every client as an individual
  • 24 hour support
  • Full analysis and health check
  • Guaranteed results

I really am aiming to be the best personal trainer in Petts Wood, the best personal trainer in Kent and the best personal trainer in SE London. So offering you a free consultation for personal training in Petts Wood is my way of showing you my skills and ability to get you the fastest results in weight loss or muscle gain.

Txt or call me 07763847351 for the fastest response or you can email me at

Or CONTACT ME directly through this site

My personal training takes place at Oakley Fitness and my hours of work are shown here:

  • Monday 6am-9pm
  • Tuesday 6am-9pm
  • Wednesday 6am-9pm
  • Thursday 6am-9pm
  • Saturday 7am-8pm

15 Chatsworth Parade

Petts Wood



So if you’re looking for a personal trainer Bromley that specializes in Fat Loss and Muscle Building contact me today to start your journey. Or take a look at just a few of the transformations I’ve been helping people with.