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  • End your frustration
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Bespoke Online Coaching

With so much conflicting information out their you’ve probably tried a diet or a training plan before, realised it didn’t work, got little or no results and before you know it you’re right back where you started wishing you had more knowledge & access to a method which actually worked for you.

Unfortunately nearly all of the plans online, and even some coaches, use a ‘cookie cutter’ approach when it comes to diets & training plans.

Sorry to tell you, ‘one size fits all’  plans just don’t work.

With no real direction, no accountability, no education or experienced decision making when you get stuck & no one to hold you accountable to a higher standard you aren’t going to get the results you deserve.

These generic plans are missing the key to success – Real Quality Coaching.

That’s exactly why I built my High Calibre Online Coaching Service.

Coaching you to give you clarity on training and nutrition and educating you along the way. If you sign up I’m confident in saying you will not only the body you want but also the knowledge and tool for unstoppable mindset to progress other areas of your life.

End your frustration & get started on a plan that works for you with the coaching support you need.

Get the dream body & unstoppable mindset you’ve always wanted FINALLY.

It all starts with a conversation…

Here are just a few of my client's awesome fat loss transformations



Starting weight: 16 stone
Current weight: 12 stone & still going!

“From day 1 Matt has helped, guided and educated me on my fitness journey, equipping me with the mental toughness to push myself to reach my goals and even exceed them. I feel healthier and fitter than ever and now I'm climb mountains!”


Has lost over 13kg body fat to date & completely changed body shape working out at home.

"I am one happy lady!! Working with Matt has been so good – I cannot believe the difference in my energy levels and general feeling of wellbeing since starting. I am so much more confident than I was and not just because I look better but because I FEEL so much better!!!

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Matt Knight Fatt Loss Personal Training

Hi, I’m Matt Knight. I’m a personal trainer and online coach that specialises in transformations.

I use the most up to date exercise science and nutritional techniques to get you the fastest and most sustainable results possible.

It’s my goal to help you completely reshape your body and get bags of self esteem and confidence to go with it.

Weight loss is relatively easy if you understand why you’re not at the weight or clothing size you want to be. It could be the way you’re eating, your day to day lifestyle or it could be one of your body systems or hormones not functioning at an optimal level.

It’s my job to unravel all these possibilities and implement small sustainable changes to get you the fat loss and health benefits you want.

Everyone is different and because of this everyone needs to take a different approach to weight loss training in order to get the best possible results quickly.

The same goes for diet.

Now, don’t confuse the word “diet” with one of the many useless diets out there which make you miserable and feel completely restricted, many of which can cause your body more harm than good.

When I talk about diet, I’m talking about YOUR specific way of eating the foods you love and still getting the results you’ve always wanted.

Online coaching bespoke to YOU and your personal goals

A generic fitness app or plan
What you are likely to get when you sign up to a challenge or generic plan
An average online coach
What you get from most online coaches
Matt Knight's High Calibre Coaching Service
A bespoke online coaching service guaranteeing you results
A template program that every one gets
Just tell you to 'eat healthy' or go 'low carb'
Healthy shopping lists & food ideas
Weekly check ins
Mobile responsive program so you can access your plan anywhere
Periodised Training Programme
Posture Analysis
Movement Analysis
400+ exercise guides
Full Diet Plan
70+ tasty recipes
New recipes added every month
Tracking methods so you don't feel like you're on a diet & can enjoy the foods you love
Nutritional education to ensure you become self sustaining
Supplement Schedule
Supplement Guide
Constant modifications to training & nutrition
Health & hormonal analysis
A thriving community of supportive, like minded people
Community events
Goal setting sessions
Group challenges
Online webinars, workshops & trainings
24hr Support
Guaranteed Results

Training is backed by my 100% money back guarantee

A personal trainer you can trust

I’ve been where you are now.

I KNOW how to get you RESULTS!

"My mission is to provide a high standard, results driven coaching service. Delivering the tools and education needed to empower, transform and uplift every individual no matter how hard the journey"

Frequently asked questions about my fat loss training programme

How do I access my workout program?

Your program will be available online in your own members area which you can access anywhere on the planet on your phone, tablet or desktop.

You will even get a printable version if you prefer it on paper.

How much accountability do I get?

You will be asked to check in every week personally which includes taking measurements & completing a quick check in form detailing your implementation, adherence, consistency & results every week

Along with the goal setting and progress checking in the Facebook group and me checking up on you, you will definitely get the accountability you need without feeling overwhelmed.

Can I work out at home?

Absolutely – It would be preferable to have access to a fully kitted out gym but even with limited equipment at home we can still build you a plan which will get you fantastic results.

How much does it cost?

You can work with me for as little as £11.86 per day. The funny thing is you probably spend more than that per week on stuff that takes you further away from your real goals and aspirations.

Different people have different needs and require different levels of support so I will never offer you a programme or a package I don’t think would benefit you.

Do you offer guaranteed results?


If you do everything I ask you to do I guarantee you results.

If you aren’t getting results you either aren’t following the plan or I need to change the plan immediately to ensure that you do.

Is online coaching suitable for me?

Whatever your current situation or level of fitness I can definitely provide you with the best possible advice, programme and expertise to guarantee better results than going it alone.

Quite often people think they’re to unfit or out of shape to work with a personal trainer.

From the hundreds of people I’ve helped completely reshape their body and lives I’m telling you this is the best time to start with a personal trainer.

If your a complete beginner or you’ve been training for years and need some help I’m sure I can accelerate your results or provide you with that kick to get you the physique you’ve always wanted.

Do you offer 24 hour support?


Txt, call, email, Watsapp – whatever you need to ensure you’re on the right track.

There is no question to small and no question is a silly question if you need clarity on anything with your training, nutrition or if you need a pep talk or dose of motivation.

How do I sign up?

Simply fill out the form below and book yourself in for a quick discovery call with me.

Don’t worry you’re not signing up to anything straight away. It would be a great idea for us to talk on the phone first to make sure we are a good fit for each other, that you’re in a good place to take action on your goals and also to ensure I’m the best person to help you or if I can refer you onto someone.

End your frustration, shed the body fat and gain super strength and confidence.

If not now, then WHEN???

Still not sure if this is for you? Let me answer all your questions.

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Shred body, Build muscle and tighten up all over

Fit into smarter looking clothes

Know how to eat the foods you love without feeling guilty

Know how to exercise independently

Increase physical strength and cardiovascular fitness

More confidence

The ability to inspire others with my progress

All of the above

Yes, I understand investing in myself is the best thing i can do.

Maybe, I have the funds but need to see if the value is right.

No, I don't have the money right now.

High Priority: I need to start working on myself immediately.

Low Priority: This isn’t a priority, and i’m happy to go at my own pace.