Muscle Camp

Learn the science and techniques to build muscle with my next muscle camp:


Once a month I will lead a small group through a seminar and workout for a specific body part. Unveiling the REAL way to build muscle

There are only 3 proven ways to build muscle and you may not be doing any of them well.

Train harder, train smarter and build muscle faster

You will learn

  • How muscle is built and why you’ve been taught to do it wrong
  • The mechanics of your body and how certain exercises are way more effective than others
  • Tension – THE KEY to muscle building
  • The importance of tempo and how quickly you move a weight dictates the response
  • How often you should train a specific body part
  • How many reps you should REALLY be doing
  • Progressive resistance – one of the primary keys to continued muscle growth
  • How often you should very your workouts
  • How to maximise your time in the gym to get the most out of your workouts

The next muscle camp is: SHOULDERS DECEMBER

You will learn the best techniques and secrets to building perfectly rounded shoulders

Did you know:

  • You may not need any front delt exercises in your programme at all to gain a well balanced physique.
  • The broader your shoulders and more muscle you can add to your medial delts, the smaller your waist will look.
  • Your individual biomechanics and flexibility determines whether you should or shouldn’t be doing certain exercises. Irrelevant of whether that big guy at the gym tells you you should be.
  • Why the guys with the biggest and best shaped shoulders in the world wouldn’t be seen dead doing the ‘new’ shoulder exercises you’re likely doing.