Group Training Petts Wood Fat Loss

Fat loss workout Group Personal Training Petts Wood

This is your chance to receive high quality personal training and coaching at a fraction of my 1-2-1 personal training price. Join my small group personal training, motivate each other and achieve results together.

Next group training Starts Saturday February 8am – 9am

Who is group personal training aimed at?

  • Those who want high quality coaching without the price tag
  • Those fed up with doing gym classes that aren’t effective
  • Those who have been training for a while and not seen any results
  • Those who have hit a plateau or want to accelerate their results
  • Those that want to drop a clothing size as fast as possible
  • Those who want to squeeze an extra, focused gym session into their week
  • Those who want an incredibly supportive environment to train in
  • Those who want to meet like minded people
  • Those who want to try something new
  • Those focused on results

What does group personal training involve

This is not like a studio class or one of those classes that gets you to jump around with bad technique making you look and feel a bit silly. You are treated like an individual.

To ensure quality coaching the group numbers are capped at 8 people

Group personal training takes place every Saturday at Oakley Fitness in Petts Wood

You will receive a completely personal movement assessment before the training session to ensure you do everything effectively and safely (no other class does this)

Sessions will be completely different every week and solely focused on different methods of fat loss. I will be teaching you along the way.

Next group training Starts Saturday February 8am – 9am

Oakley Fitness

Before the session

A day or two before the group personal training session we will meet 1:1 for your movement assessment and I will make specific notes on your current flexibility and movement. This will give you a completely personalised warmup and mobilization protocol to do during our sessions.

Make no mistake this is something you will find extremely beneficial and is not something offered with other group personal training.

8am warm up / mobilization and activation with added education

This is your chance to not only get you warmed up and ready for the session with completely individual protocols (based on the individual assessment) but also for me to teach you a tiny bit of science of what you’re going to be doing and why. You will learn the fastest methods of fat loss and how to improve the shape, structure and health of your physique.

8.15am Fat loss begins

The group personal training session starts here. The sessions will be different each week focusing on different methods of fat loss.

9am Group personal training complete – clinic open

After a super fun, informative and results based group personal training session finishes I will open my Fat Loss Clinic where you can get your body fat tested and get the chance to pick my brains and ask me any questions you may have on diet in a relaxed and informal environment. This regular weekly assessment will ensure you’re on track.

Get involved!

So how much will this cost me?

Individual session £30 (must be pre booked)

or why not book 2 sessions £50 That’s only £25 per session!!

Both options must be booked and pre -paid in advance of the session.

Contact me to book or if you’re still undecided and want to know more give me a call or request a call back

  • This is a class for all fitness levels (must be injury free)
  • Often the lower your starting point (poor fitness, higher body fat than you would want) the faster you will progress and better your results.
  • Throw your gym intimidation out the window. Feeling like part of a team makes the whole process more fun and supportive

Next group training Starts Saturday February 8am – 9am

If you would like to get involved please contact me directly to book your place

  • Either email:

  • Or use the contact link below

Request booking here