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Frustrated? Stop doing these to burn more fat

Are you struggling to make progress with your fat loss goals and don’t know what to do to get you moving in the right direction again?
Your results will ultimately depend on many factors but here are 4 things you should avoid if you aren’t getting the results you want.
Trust me, getting the body you always wanted is definitely possible if you keep a few principles in mind. So if you’re tired with your lack of results here’s 4 to stop right now.
Eating Too Much Junk
You may not think you eat much junk, but keep a food diary for a week … Read more

Will alcohol stop you losing weight?

There’s a certain comedic stigma attached to drinking and the alcohol culture, especially in the UK.
“Ever notice how some people talk louder when they drink? That’s why alcohol content is listed by volume”
“I’m not an alcoholic, alcoholics go to meetings. I’m a drunk, we go to parties.”
I’m not here to demonise one of the world’s favourite social intoxicants as it has some great benefits like reducing anxiety at social gatherings and has actually been shown to increase longevity.
BUT you’re reading this because you’re interested in losing fat.
Surprise surprise, many studies have shown alcohol intake aids to increased risk of abdominal … Read more

Ladies lift weights to burn more fat and tone up

I have never heard of any woman getting bigger muscles accidentally. Have you?
As a personal trainer I often hear two things from female clients; ‘this won’t give me big muscles will it!?’ And ‘I bulk really easily!’
There is a general misconception amongst female trainees that if they start lifting weights that they will turn into He-man. Women do not ‘bulk’ from weight training; they simply do not have the hormonal production to elicit noticeable gains in muscle mass in a short period of time. Females tend to produce 15-20 times less of the male sex hormone testosterone than healthy men … Read more

Which protein powder should I use to get the best results?

Whey protein is the most popular & most expensive health and fitness supplement on the market and probably will continue to be for the foreseeable future, but with so many brands, types and additional ingredients it’s hard to know which product to choose.
For those of you who were using whey in the ’90s when it first hit the market you’ll remember how cheap it was! Since then the price has sky rocketed. New technology has brought new production and filtration methods and the quality of whey being offered today by many companies has improved and the quantity of products has … Read more

VIDEO: Ladies the fastest way to tone up

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Is your trainer any good?

Now days it seems everyone is a personal trainer!
With the mass of trainers, online coaches and group instructors available to you these days how do you know if you are spending your money effectively to get the best results and service for you?
Wasted time is worse than wasted money but wasting money and time can leave you feeling frustrated, lost, resentful and out of pocket.
The truth about ‘qualified’ trainers.
Getting qualified as a personal trainer is EASY, it is made to be easy!
The final exams for the units are usually multiple choice & this enables people to train clients safely and … Read more

B.M.I Body Mass Index or Big Misleading Idea

Have you ever been told your body mass index is to high?
You know the deal; you go to the doctor or
To this day BMI (Body Mass Index) is used in gyms, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals to indicate to patients and clients what their body weight SHOULD BE. I personally do not use BMI & never will. You may be asking why, so I will answer your question with a question of my own…. Why is a 20stone bodybuilder with 5% body fat deemed as morbidly obese according to BMI??
Case study:
Meet Jay, Jay was the 2009 Mr Olympia & at around … Read more

Consistent fat loss with a food diary

Are you stuck making progress with your fat loss goal? Do you ever stop and take stock of how much you’re eating or how many calories you consume a day? A week?
Have you ever kept a food diary? If not I would strongly recommend it for a week.
Individuals who keep a food diary are able to see just how many calories they are truly consuming each day. A cookie here, a mocha latte there and the calories and hidden fats and sugars soon begin to pile up, in short it can quickly identify poor eating habits.
Someone who is aiming … Read more

No time to train and diet?? Take you day back

Haven’t got time to train or diet? Not enough hours in the day? Take them back!
The battle against your constant opponent of time is a never ending war that is waged even when you’re asleep. Any battle is won with tactics that ensure you progress whilst keeping the enemy at bay.
Tactic 1: Give up surfing!
According to a recent poll office workers admitted spending roughly 2 hours each working day surfing the Internet; Social media, shopping, looking at holiday destinations. Consider using apps which enable you to block certain sites at certain times of the day or limit them yourself … Read more

VIDEO: The most overlooked tip for fat loss

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