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Alcohol – Good, Bad, How to limit consumption and effects

This is part three of my alcohol series. If you missed part one or two here they are:
Will alcohol stop you losing weight?
Will alcohol prevent you gaining muscle?
Now let me start this article by saying …
Alcohol is not all bad!
Good points
Improve cholesterol
Moderate alcohol consumption can; raise good (HDL) cholesterol, lower bad (LDL) cholesterol, and reduce your risk of clogged arteries which lead to heart attacks.
Reduced risk of heart disease
Moderate alcohol consumption reduces risk of heart disease. Moderate drinkers have a lower risk of death from heart disease than teetotallers or heavy drinkers. This may be due to increasing HDL cholesterol … Read more

Will alcohol prevent me gaining muscle?

You love a good drinking session but you also love a great workout and building some real muscle.
Can you do both?
If you haven’t read my article ‘Will alcohol stop me losing weight?’ take a look here as this article will predominantly focus on alcohol’s effect on your ability to build muscle.
So let’s get straight into the facts…
Reduced testosterone production
If you want to build muscle one of the first considerations you should have is if you are producing an optimal amount of testosterone.
Unfortunately every time you consume alcohol this key anabolic hormones production plummets.
Studies have shown that consuming 1.5g of alcohol … Read more

Will alcohol stop you losing weight?

There’s a certain comedic stigma attached to drinking and the alcohol culture, especially in the UK.
“Ever notice how some people talk louder when they drink? That’s why alcohol content is listed by volume”
“I’m not an alcoholic, alcoholics go to meetings. I’m a drunk, we go to parties.”
I’m not here to demonise one of the world’s favourite social intoxicants as it has some great benefits like reducing anxiety at social gatherings and has actually been shown to increase longevity.
BUT you’re reading this because you’re interested in losing fat.
Surprise surprise, many studies have shown alcohol intake aids to increased risk of abdominal … Read more

Get rid of bloating & improve digestion

Your mum told you, you are what you eat. I’m telling you, you are what you eat, digest and absorb. The health of your digestive tract is one of, if not the most important aspect of your fat loss or muscle gain goals. Are you bloated? Tired? Stuck holding onto belly fat no matter what you do?
Let me give you a case study: 
Jane is a 30 year old with a stressful job in the city and she has always had issues with bloating. Jane has her breakfast at her desk at 9am she then feels tired and has a coffee … Read more

Consistent fat loss with a food diary

Are you stuck making progress with your fat loss goal? Do you ever stop and take stock of how much you’re eating or how many calories you consume a day? A week?
Have you ever kept a food diary? If not I would strongly recommend it for a week.
Individuals who keep a food diary are able to see just how many calories they are truly consuming each day. A cookie here, a mocha latte there and the calories and hidden fats and sugars soon begin to pile up, in short it can quickly identify poor eating habits.
Someone who is aiming … Read more

Health food terminology explained

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food labelling regulations require that all food labels provide nutritional information to help consumers make informed food choices.
But what do they all mean? Low-calorie, low-fat and “light” foods and beverages fill our shelves but they can leave the consumer confused as to what’s best and are they actually good for us at all?? This article aims to clarify and explain the phrases and give you some real advice on the matter.
Listed ingredients
The ingredients should be listed on a label in descending order of weight. Looking at the first 2 or 3 ingredients will give … Read more

VIDEO: The most overlooked tip for fat loss

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