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Sunny Success: Strategies for Staying Lean Amidst Summer Temptations

As the temperature rises and the sun graces us with its presence, summer offers a perfect opportunity to embrace a healthier lifestyle and unveil the lean physique we’ve been working on.
However, with BBQs, holidays, and social events, it’s easy to fall off track. So  here are a few actionable tips to help you stay lean and healthy during the summer months.
Opt for Lean Protein:
Protein is your first ally in staying lean. Sources like grilled chicken, fish, turkey, lean beef and tofu will help preserve your muscle mass and metabolism if you’re taking a break from the gym. Protein also keeps … Read more

VIDEO: Perfect cable crunches

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Ladies lift weights to burn more fat and tone up

I have never heard of any woman getting bigger muscles accidentally. Have you?
As a personal trainer I often hear two things from female clients; ‘this won’t give me big muscles will it!?’ And ‘I bulk really easily!’
There is a general misconception amongst female trainees that if they start lifting weights that they will turn into He-man. Women do not ‘bulk’ from weight training; they simply do not have the hormonal production to elicit noticeable gains in muscle mass in a short period of time. Females tend to produce 15-20 times less of the male sex hormone testosterone than healthy men … Read more

The biggest mistake in abdominal training

Crunches, sit-ups, Swiss ball, ab bench, roman chair, ab roller, hanging leg raises…. The list of abdominal exercises is endless but which exercises are best?
Did you know a bad abdominal programme can ruin your physique?
Sorry to say it but this very short article is actually just a personal rant but before you accuse me of being negative and skipping past this let me explain…
THIS DRIVES ME MAD – Have you ever seen this…?
One of my personal pet peeves is watching a personal trainer (or two training partners) getting their client to do crunches or sit-ups whilst they hold or stand … Read more

Poor posture can ruin your abs

Did you know that your body is supposed to be aligned in one straight line? Yes you should have a shallow curve in your lower back but when looking at someone from the side you should be able to draw a straight line through their ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. If you can’t, if your head sits forward from the rest of your body or your shoulders are rounded from sitting at a desk too much or focusing on your chest more than your back when training then you are more prone to injury, lower back & joint pain … Read more

Stupid training… rounding your back at speed!

There are thousands of training methods at the moment that all claim to be the best way (& better than the rest) at shedding fat , getting you toned & looking like a Hollywood superstar! HIIT, Met-con, Insanity, are just to name a few fantastic systems that will get you great results. However there is one thing that really annoys me, trainers & coaches that make up their own movements or coach movements with no knowledge of biomechanics. The movement that I see a lot of is the ‘power squat’
1st of all I’m not sure where the name ‘power squat’ … Read more

B.M.I Body Mass Index or Big Misleading Idea

Have you ever been told your body mass index is to high?
You know the deal; you go to the doctor or
To this day BMI (Body Mass Index) is used in gyms, doctors’ surgeries and hospitals to indicate to patients and clients what their body weight SHOULD BE. I personally do not use BMI & never will. You may be asking why, so I will answer your question with a question of my own…. Why is a 20stone bodybuilder with 5% body fat deemed as morbidly obese according to BMI??
Case study:
Meet Jay, Jay was the 2009 Mr Olympia & at around … Read more