3 Ways to know you’re on the right track to lose body fat

Are you trying to drop body fat? It can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster can’t it…?

‘Am I getting results? Is this even working? Am I hormonally broken? Should I have a cheat day and start again next week….? etc.’

These are all questions I quickly answer inside my 1:1 Coaching Programs for the men and women I train so they have confidence, clarity and consistency in what they’re doing.

If you are currently training for fat loss or thinking of starting soon, here are 3 ways to know you’re on the right track.

1. Incremental Weight Change

Steady, consistent, incremental weight loss is generally a great sign that you’re dropping fat.

1-2lbs per week would be ideal. But often more in your first two weeks due to changes in eating habits, less bloating, reduced water retention, hormonal fluctuations etc.

When you get large drops in weight it can indicate an excessive loss of muscle glycogen, fluid and even muscle tissue. Slow and steady weight loss is always preferable.

Fat loss isn’t purely about making the scales move at all costs, it is about sustained progress which also allows you to protect your muscle mass, metabolism and health without relapsing.

Rapid fat loss will ALWAYS lead to a relapse and gaining it all, if not more, back.

2. Site Measurements & Photo Comparisons

Taking regular measurements of your waistline and hips is a great way to track progress.

I’d measure you waist every 7 days. If you are dropping body fat, reducing bloating, improving digestion with better food choices and eating habits you should see a decrease in this measurement every week.

Most people hold the majority of their body fat around their waist so seeing changes here weekly is going to do wonders for your motivation and consistency.

Taking photos for you to look at changes is also a great method of tracking results. Some of the transformation pictures inside my coaching program might inspire you to take some of you own.

You will likely see changes in your face and neck first. Then legs and shoulders, then belly and hips. It isn’t the same for everyone though. Hormones and food choices will play a massive role in where your body takes its fat from, (its one of the reasons I do a deep dive into clients hormones and health before we even start training).

3. Sustainable Energy and Mood

Successful fat loss means losing body fat without compromising your energy, performance, mood, relationships, libido or sanity.

If you’ve ever tried to diet too hard and drop your carbs too low only to realise you can’t even lift a feather duster, always feel sluggish, have no energy or motivation to train, suffer with mental fog and you feel like biting someone’s head off constantly, chances are you’re doing it all wrong.

Seeing your body weight and waist measurements reduce whilst maintaining good energy output is a good sign that you’ve got the right balance.

Yes you can reach a point where you feel pretty tired but that is usually when you’re extremely lean and towards the end of a dieting phase and it might be time for a break or a strategic refeed.


Feeling stuck? Need help?

If you’d like me to expand on any of these points or if you’d like to chat about how to start your own transformation feel free to send me any questions or queries you have.



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